- Great Painters
- Accounting
- Fundamentals of Law
- Marketing
- Shorthand
- Concept Cars
- Videogames
- The World of Sports

- Blogs
- Free Software
- Google
- My Computer

- PHP Language and Applications
- Wikipedia
- Windows Vista

- Education
- Masterpieces of English Literature
- American English

- English Dictionaries
- The English Language

- Medical Emergencies
- The Theory of Memory
- The Beatles
- Dances
- Microphones
- Musical Notation
- Music Instruments
- Batteries
- Nanotechnology
- Cosmetics
- Diets
- Vegetarianism and Veganism
- Christmas Traditions
- Animals

- Fruits And Vegetables


  1. Accrisoft
  2. Active calendar
  3. ActiveState Komodo
  4. AdLogger
  5. Apache HTTP Server
  6. AutoContent
  7. BakeSale
  8. Bblocked
  9. BBlog
  10. BbPress
  11. Beehive Forum
  12. B2evolution
  13. Bluefish
  14. Chlorine Boards
  15. CMScout
  16. CMSimple
  17. CMS Made Simple
  18. Content Protector
  19. Coppermine Photo Gallery
  20. CRE Loaded
  21. Cutenews
  22. DB DataObject FormBuilder
  23. Divine
  24. Dokeos
  25. DotOrg
  26. Dragonfly CMS
  27. Dreamweaver
  28. Drupal
  29. Dynamic Web page
  30. E107
  31. Eclipse
  32. 25 Essential PHP Functions
  33. FusionBB
  34. Gallery Project
  35. Gedit
  36. Group-Office
  37. HawHaw
  38. IceBB
  39. 4images
  40. Introduction to PHP
  41. Introduction to PHP Learning Guide
  42. IonCube Ltd.
  43. JEdit
  44. Joomla
  45. LAMP
  46. Linux
  47. List of PHP editors
  48. List of PHP libraries
  49. Maguma
  50. Mambo
  51. MediaWiki
  52. MetaBB
  53. Midgard
  54. MiniBB
  55. Monkey Boards
  56. Moodle
  57. MySQL
  58. Ning
  59. Nucleus CMS
  60. Nuke-Evolution
  61. NuSphere Corporation
  62. OpenPHPNuke
  63. Orbit42-Base
  64. OsCommerce
  65. Paamayim Nekudotayim
  66. Phalanger
  67. Php
  68. PHP accelerator
  69. PhpBB
  70. PhpBB Reloaded
  71. PHP Constants
  72. PHPDoc
  73. PhpDocumentor
  74. PHPEdit
  75. PHP Excel Reader
  76. PHP Extension Community Library
  77. PhpGedView
  78. PHP-GTK
  79. PhpLDAPadmin
  80. PHP License
  81. Phplist
  82. PhpMyAdmin
  83. PhpMyVisites
  84. Phpns
  85. PHP-Nuke
  86. PhpPgAdmin
  87. PhpWiki
  88. PmWiki
  89. PostNuke
  90. PSPad
  91. PunBB
  92. PuzzleApps
  93. Quanta Plus
  94. Rasmus Lerdorf
  95. ReallySimpleCMS
  96. Refbase
  97. RGameScript Pro
  98. Santy
  99. SciTE
  100. Serendipity weblog
  101. Simple Machines Forum
  102. SimpleXML
  103. SiteFrame
  104. Smarty
  105. SquirrelMail
  106. Textpattern
  107. Thatware
  108. Think Tank Forums
  109. TikiWiki
  110. TorrentVolve
  111. TYPO3
  112. UBB.threads
  113. UltraEdit
  115. Variables in PHP
  116. VBulletin
  117. WakkaWiki
  118. Web Application Structure for PHP
  119. Webwm
  120. Wikindx
  121. WikkaWiki
  122. WordPress
  123. WordPress MU
  124. Xaraya
  125. XOOPS
  126. Zen Cart
  127. Zend Engine
  128. Zend Studio
  129. Zend Technologies
  130. Zentri
  131. ZPanel


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


PHP-Nuke is a web based automated news publishing and content management system (a 'nuke') based on PHP and MySQL. The system is fully controlled using a web-based user interface. PHP-Nuke was originally a fork of the Thatware news portal system.

The system is released as free software under the GNU General Public License. Until version 7.5, the latest version of the software was freely downloadable from the PHP-Nuke website; version 7.5 is the first version for which a USD $10 download charge is made. This is permitted under the GNU GPL (providing the source code is included), but the purchaser of the software has the right to freely distribute the source code of the product. This charge only applies to the latest version of PHP-Nuke; previous versions are available free of charge. Version 8.0, the current release as of December 14, 2006, is being distributed for USD $12.

Starting with version 5.6, the display of a copyright message on webpages is required according with the GPL license section 2(c) and approved by the Free Software Foundation as explained on the official web site [1].

It requires a web server which supports the PHP extension (such as the Apache HTTP Server), as well as an SQL database (such as MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Adabas, Sybase or InterBase).

Features of PHP-Nuke

The main aim of PHP-Nuke is to allow a webmaster to create a community-based portal (similar to that used by Slashdot), with an automated web site allowing users and editors to post news items (user-submitted news items are selected by editors). Users can comment on these articles using the comments system.

Modules may be added to the PHP-Nuke system, allowing the webmaster to add more features (such as an Internet forum or calendar) to their PHP-Nuke installation in addition to the core modules such as News, FAQ and Private Messaging. The whole system is maintained by administrators using the web-based administration section.

PHP-Nuke is able to support many languages, including English, French, Portuguese and Thai. Its look and feel can also be customized (to an extent), using the Themes system, although some people have found it difficult to make the site look any different to the standard ⅔ column layout (as used by the program's official website [2]).

Lack of security and criticism

The neutrality of this section may be compromised by "weasel words".
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PHP-Nuke has in the past been criticized for containing many security holes. SQL injection is one of the most widely-known flaws in PHP-Nuke's security [3], although other methods of gaining access to the admin panel of a site running PHP-Nuke have been found [4][5]. In February of 2005, the Webmail module of PHP-Nuke was removed from all versions due to security problems at the request of,'s web hosting service [6]. Since it contains a port of phpBB2, it also inherits phpBB's security flaws.


The PHP-Nuke project has been forked many times by different people, for different reasons. The best known of these are:

  • Dragonfly CMS based on PHP-Nuke 6.5 with Coppermine Photo Gallery included
  • Nuke-Evolution Based on PHP-Nuke with many security fixes, custom modifications, and PHP-Nuke modifications pre-installed
  • myPHPNuke based on PHP-Nuke 4.4.1a
  • NPDS based on PHP-Nuke 4.3
  • openPHPNuke based on myPHPNuke
  • phpWebSite project managed by the Web Technology Group at Appalachian State University
  • Postnuke based on PHP-Nuke 5.0
  • XOOPS based on PHP-Nuke and myPHPNuke
  • Xaraya based on Postnuke
  • UNITED-NUKE based on and fully compatible with PHP-Nuke (new features are ported continuously)
  • Zentri
  • nCo Modified PHP-Nuke Ultra based on and fully compatible with PHP-Nuke
  • PHPNuke-Clan Nuke core based, aiming towards the gaming community.
  • Nuke-Evolution: Clan Edition Based on Nuke Evolution, packaged with vWar, SQuery, and more.
  • Alchemy Portal Combination of PHP-Nuke + Invision Power Board
  • NukeMalaysia 8.0 Based on the new version of CMS PHPNuke i.e. 8.0 with the incorporation of several modules and blocks.
  • NukeMalaysia 2008 An effort to make PHPNUKE a W3C compliance.

These forks, and others, have all had their own ideas regarding several aspects of the system, and thus do many things in different ways in an attempt to produce a better product. Nevertheless, most, if not all of these systems can be used to produce a community portal similar to that which can be built using PHP-Nuke, although it is possible that these systems are better at doing some things than PHP-Nuke (and vice-versa).

External links

  • Official website
  • Thai PHP-Nuke website
  • PHP-Nuke Blocks, Modules, Themes and more...
  • Browse code documentation
  • Index of Local PHP-Nuke Sites
  • PHP-Nukies UK support site
  • Premium PHPNuke Themes
  • Subscribtion to PHPNuke Themes
  • Nuke Chat System
  • Free PHPNuke Templates
  • PHP-Nuke Blocks, Modules and Theme...
  • PHP-Nuke: Management and Programming (online book)
  • Analyzer/Debugger Script to help debug PHP-Nuke Installs
  • PHPNuke Database and Resources
  • PHP-Nuke Themes
  • Thatware
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