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Wikipedia in popular culture

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


References to Wikipedia in popular culture have increased as more people learn about and use the online encyclopedia project. Many parody Wikipedia's openness, with characters vandalising or modifying articles. Still others feature characters using the references as a source, or positively comparing a character's intelligence to Wikipedia.

Landmark references


Citations of Wikipedia in popular culture

In the Homestar Runner cartoon No Hands On Deck!, Homestar Runner mentions that "'Kipedia said vulcanized was the way to go" in reference to the type of nails used to build a deck.[14][15] At the time the cartoon was released, the Wikipedia article on decks made no reference to nails or vulcanization.[16]

The cartoon FoxTrot features Peter being criticized by his teacher for copying a homework assignment directly from Wikipedia. Peter replies, "Who's to say I didn't write the Wikipedia entry myself?"

During a debate on Québécois nationhood in the Canadian House of Commons on November 27, 2006, Conservative Member of Parliament Scott Reid mentioned Wikipedia.[17]

Wikipedia maintains a (non-comprehensive) list of such citations on its page Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a source.

Inaccuracies on Wikipedia in popular culture

Wikipedia was satirized in The Onion with a front-page article ("Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years of American Independence", July 2006), alluding to inaccuracies in the publicly editable publication.[18]

Various people including Jeremy Clarkson[19], Sir Ian McKellen[20] and Mitch Albom have criticized Wikipedia's articles about themselves.

Wikipedia as a character trait

In 2006, commenting to The New York Times on the demands on Central Intelligence Agency analysts to produce instant information, John E. McLaughlin, former acting U.S. Director of Central Intelligence, stated, "intelligence analysts end up being the Wikipedia of Washington".[21] [[3]]

An review of a new television series, Sleeper Cell, about terrorists noted that the characters routinely gave detailed background of events in the history of Islam and stated, "no one, and I assume even terrorists, talks like a walking Wikipedia."[22]


Wikipedia is parodied at several websites, including Wikiality and Uncyclopedia.

In the July 2006 issue of Mad, in the Fundalini pages section there was a short joke with a mock picture of Wikipedia called "WonkyPedia." WonkyPedia featured its own logo, in which the letters on the puzzle globe were replaced with MAD characters and the letters M A D. The article shown was on Lincoln's assassination. The HTTP address followed the appropriate pattern: "". The same parody returned in the next issue as "Wakipedia". The phrase it advertised was "The Free Encyclopedia (you get what you pay for!)".

Likewise,, the online publication affiliated with former Mad rival Cracked, has satirized Wikipedia's maintenance templates.[23]

In the American version of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, Wikipedia is a selectable mantra[24][25].

On the June 5, 2006 episode of The Howard Stern Show, wack packer Eric the Midget called in and complained that his parents had read about a stunt that he did for the show, that involved him measuring his penis, on Wikipedia (which he called "Wackipedia"). Stern read the section of the article regarding penis measuring on the air. Also, Gary Dell'Abate commented on the air he and the Stern Show staff enjoy the picture of Lynch in this article.

The video game Digital Devil Saga features several "Mantras" which the game's characters can equip in order to learn skills. One is named Wikipedia.[26]

In May 2006, British chat show host Paul O'Grady received an inquiry from a viewer regarding information given on his Wikipedia page, to which he responded, "Wikipedia? Sounds like a skin disease."

On the show X-Play, Morgan Webb looked at the Wikipedia article of Point Blank DS, and then looked at the article on their show. After reading it, the logo in the top left corner of the page spoke to Morgan in typical X-Play fashion. It also pointed out that since the show's inception, they have made 337 fart jokes. When asked why it could talk the logo stated that Wikipedia had become self aware in 2004 due to the massive amounts of information provided by the public.

On the E! network program The Soup, during the "Reality Show Clip Time!" segment a clip of Flavor of Love 2 was shown in which someone mentioned Google as a point of research on September 8, 2006, to make fun of this, host Joel McHale said "Well at least it's better than saying 'WikipediaWikipediaWikipedia'"

In the Veronica Mars episode "Show Me the Monkey", season 3 episode 10, she refers to the Wikipedia article on Manila.

Something Awful once featured Wikipedia's article on Knuckles the Echidna as an ALOD (Awful Link of the Day), satirizing the amount of detail that sometimes goes into seemingly irrelevant topics. The link description adds that the article at the time was longer than each of the articles about Echidnas, the Internet, the internal combustion engine, William Shakespeare and Western Culture. The topic was also satirized in the front page, which featured a fake Wikipedia style article about Albert “Al” Calavicci from the TV series Quantum Leap written by Something Awful contributor David Thorpe.[27] Thorpe elsewhere linked the existence of such articles to Aspergers Syndrome, stating "Don't make fun of Aspergers. If it weren't for Aspergers, we wouldn't have 20-page Wikipedia articles about Knuckles the Echidna."[28] Wikipedia was also mocked in a December 4 update on Something Awful. The update detailed the life of a talk page on Wikipedia, and mocked the NPOV, copyright, naming, GA, and personal disputes that the pages are beholden to. The update also linked Wikipedia usage to Aspergers once more, with one fictional editor claiming to have a case of the syndrome twice as powerful as that of another fictional editor.[29]

Wikipedia in web comics

Penny Arcade satirizes Wikipedia with a hypothetical scenario of Skeletor vandalizing the He-Man article
Penny Arcade satirizes Wikipedia with a hypothetical scenario of Skeletor vandalizing the He-Man article

On May 7, 2005, the comic strip FoxTrot showed one character appending his older sister to unflattering Wikipedia articles. In a similar joke, the web comic Penny Arcade also satirized Wikipedia with a comic strip depicting Skeletor vandalizing the He-Man article.[30][31] The web comic PvP featured a similar gag with the character Marcy adding embarrassing information about Francis, though she denies it's vandalism, claiming truth.[32][33]

Greg from UserFriendly is not amused with what he finds on Wikipedia
Greg from UserFriendly is not amused with what he finds on Wikipedia

On December 12, 2005 comic of UserFriendly, Greg, who is first defending Wikipedia against critisism, is seen about to vandalize Wikipedia after finding out he is listed under "hairy dork".

Bunny strip which features Wikipedia. The tombstone reads: "RIP Jeph Jacques" with the bottom caption: "The Moral of the story is you cannot always trust what you read on Wikipedia."

Hannelore, a character in webcomic Questionable Content, suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. She references Wikipedia's article on head lice as the reason why she cut most of her hair off.[34] Wikipedia was also mentioned in another comic where a character mentions that their edits to the De Beers entry keep getting reverted (as they are attempting to add a conspiracy theory to the article suggesting the company has subverted humanity's mating drive in order to sell more diamonds). [35]

The webcomic Applegeeks has jokingly referred to Wikipedia as a replacement for traditional education twice.[36][37]


  1.   Namely "Loxodonta", "African Forest Elephant", "African Bush Elephant", "Pachydermata", "Babar the Elephant", "Elephant", "Oregon", "George Washington", "Latchkey kid", "Serial killer", "Hitler", "The Colbert Report" and "Stephen Colbert" are/were temporarily protected. "Oliphaunt" has also been vandalized.

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