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  1. African American Vernacular English
  2. American and British English differences
  3. American and British English pronunciation differences
  4. American English
  5. Americanism
  6. American National Corpus
  7. Appalachian English
  8. Baby mama
  9. Baltimorese
  10. Boston accent
  11. Boston Brahmin accent
  12. Boston slang
  13. British and American keyboards
  14. Buffalo English
  15. California English
  16. Central Pennsylvania accent
  17. Century Dictionary
  18. Chinook Jargon use by English Language speakers
  19. Dictionary of American Regional English
  20. English-language vowel changes before historic l
  21. General American
  22. Harkers Island%2C North Carolina
  23. Inland Northern American English
  24. Intervocalic alveolar flapping
  25. List of British idioms
  26. List of British words not widely used in the United States
  27. L-vocalization
  28. Maine-New Hampshire English
  29. Names of numbers in English
  30. New Jersey English
  31. New York dialect
  32. New York Latino English
  33. Nigga
  34. North American English
  35. North American regional phonology
  36. North Central American English
  37. Northeast Pennsylvania English
  38. Northern cities vowel shift
  39. Ozark Southern English
  40. Pacific Northwest English
  41. Pennsylvania Dutch English
  42. Philadelphia accent
  43. Phonological history of English low back vowels
  44. Phonological history of English short A
  45. Pittsburgh English
  46. Pronunciation respelling for English
  47. Regional vocabularies of American English
  48. Rhotic and non-rhotic accents
  49. Southern American English
  50. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
  51. The American Language
  52. Tidewater accent
  53. Utah English
  54. Vermont English
  55. Whilst
  56. Y'all
  57. Yat
  58. Yooper dialect


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List of British idioms

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This list comprises idioms that originated and are in common use in British English, and that are often regarded as "Briticisms".

Caveat lector

Many of the items in this list are highly vernacular, quickly obsolescent, age-specific, and/or regional expressions, which foreigners might be best served by avoiding.

For a list of words commonly used in English as spoken in the British Isles but not in American English see List of British words not widely used in the United States.

As straight as a roundabout
  • Homosexual (insulting)
A good seeing to
  • energetic sexual intercourse
  • a sound beating
As much use as a
  • chocolate fireguard (or teapot, or mantlepiece)
  • teats (or tits) on a bull
  • wet fart in a thunderstorm
  • one-legged man in an arse kicking contest
  • fat man in a canoe
  • condom machine in the Vatican
  • ashtray on a motorbike
As rare as Rocking-horse shit Military term
non-existent, hard to come by, (note: RHS on its own also means a lie [also used in the east end of London])
At the end of the day
finally; taking everything into account; when all is said and done
Away with the faeries
not concentrating, distracted, daydreaming.
Barking (mad)
insane, idiotic.
BBC English
the version of Received Pronunciation (said "R.P.") once considered typical of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Today regional dialects are frequently heard on the BBC.
Big girl's blouse
ineffectual or weak, someone failing to show masculine strength or determination
Birmingham (or Irish) screwdriver, Birmingham spanner
a hammer
Bent as a nine-bob note
  • crooked, or
  • homosexual (insulting)
in both case referring to pre-decimal UK currency, a 10 bob (10/-) note being perfectly ordinary (see below for similar use).
Built like a brick shit house
  • More often than not referring to a person rather than a thing, it suggests that the person is extremely strong or muscular or heavy.
Bully for you
  • Good for you!
  • Something that you say when you do not think what someone has done deserves praise or admiration, although they think it does.
"Devils on horseback"
prunes wrapped in bacon
Dog's dinner, as in "It's a complete dog's dinner"
a mess, chaotic.
Egg-cosy or -cozy
meal-time egg warmer, usually knitted.
Fart/fuck/piss about
to be silly, idiotic
[it's a] game of two halves
literally, a football match in which the two halves had very different characters; metaphorically, roughly equivalent to "It ain't over 'til it's over"
Gardening leave
enforced leave after an employee has resigned, preventing them either from working a notice period or starting with a new employer. Intended to protect commercial confidentiality, the subject is assumed to have little to do but tend the garden
Gone for a Burton
dead/beyond repair/no longer viable. From an early set of commercials for Burton's Brewery that had the theme of a person missing from some scenario and a "Where's [Bob]?", "Gone for a Burton!" dialogue. The phrase was originally used when someone/thing was missing, now used when something is non-functional.
Had an accident, fallen over, suffered a mishap. Originating in the Royal Air Force, where it was (and is) said of a test pilot who had crashed and died that he had "gone for a Burton". His colleagues will drink his health that night, on his tab in the bar.
Gone tits / trotters up
gone wrong
Gone up the spout
gone wrong (usually when something carefully pre-planned has not gone as expected)
Gone west
disappeared or lost (a specific reference to people moving to the Americas)
Go pear-shaped
go wrong ("It all went pear-shaped"). Originating in the Royal Air Force.
He couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery
he can't organise even the simplest thing.
He's got more front than Selfridges/Brighton/Woolworths
is completely brazen/ full of self-confidence (reference to Oxford St department store or a famous seaside resort)
He ploughs his own furrow
he works on his own without reference to others.
He's tuppence short of a shilling or he's a sandwich short of a picnic
he's a bit simple, not all there.
Hit for six
to hit mightily, to trounce (to hit a cricket ball off the field without a bounce, scoring 6 runs)
Suffer a shock
Industrial action
strike or work-to-rule by employees
“[It's] all gone Pete Tong”
all gone wrong (new-ish rhyming slang)
“It/he/she went arse over tit/elbow.”
fell/tripped over (this phrase is commonly used in Northern parts of England).
Lovely jubbly
great outcome, popularised by a catchphrase in a BBC TV programme Only Fools and Horses.
Lower than a snakes belly in a submarines shit house
If someone has punched below the belt, done something dishonerable or "low". Also to describe something which is low down e.g. "That table is lower than a....."
Made redundant
of an employee: laid off, especially because no longer needed; similar to U.S. downsized
Mothers ruin (or possibly Mother's ruin)
Not cricket
not fair
Not much cop
  • of no consequence
  • poor (of an event or an item)
Nowt so queer as folk
people are unpredictable (Literally, "Nothing is so odd as are people", using the Northern English regional spelling "nowt" for "naught", meaning "nothing"). Or, that people have different tastes and ideas.
On the game; to go on the game
to work as a prostitute
On the lash, the tiles
out, drinking heavily with friends.
On the piss
drinking heavily (out for an evening, or in at home, at a specific time ("I was out on the piss last night") or in general ("Old George is on the piss again.")
One Sandwich short of a picnic /One brick short of a load/ One can short of a six pack
Mentally dim/Not all there
Over-egging the pudding
making something more complicated than it need be
Pissing up the wall
Piss up
drinking session
good, an expression from the days of the British Empire in India (pakka = ripe in Hindi).
Queer as a nine-bob note (archaic)
very strange, not normal
[He's been] sent to Coventry
[he's] being ignored.
Shanks's pony[dubious ]
on foot, walking.
Swinging the lead
appearing to work, without actually making any real effort.
Swings and roundabouts
gains in one area will equal losses in another (short for "what you gain on the swings you lose on the roundabouts") (see also: Spoons and ladles, six of one and half a dozen of the other, six and two threes)
Taking the Piss
To make fun of (someone).
Tight as a duck's/crab's arse
Someone who is very reluctant to spend money.
Two stops beyond Barking. (Becontree)
extremely mad/insane/idiotic. Becontree station is two stops beyond Barking station on the District Line of the Underground going out of London. If you call somebody 'completely Becontree', you'd normally have to explain what you mean to others, but the allusion is usually appreciated, except by the victim.
Upset the apple cart
cause something organised to be rendered chaotic.
Weapon fist
A clenched fist, primed for fighting.
Muscle fart
Expelling wind through the anus with unnecessary force.
'Ave it (Have it)
Here's how it's done.
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