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  1. Aerobatics
  2. Aerobics
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  9. Artistic roller skating
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  60. Kung-fu
  61. List of professional sports leagues
  62. List of sports
  63. List of violent spectator incidents in sports
  64. Long-distance track event
  65. Long jump
  66. Marbles
  67. Middle distance track event
  68. Modern pentathlon
  69. Motocross
  70. Motorcycle sport
  71. Motorsports
  72. Mountain bicycling
  73. Mountaineering
  74. Multi-sport events
  75. Nationalism and sports
  76. National sport
  77. Olympic Games
  78. Parachuting
  79. Paragliding
  80. Parasailing
  81. Pelota
  82. Petanque
  83. Playboating
  84. Pole vault
  85. Polo
  86. Race walking
  87. Relay race
  88. Rink hockey
  89. Road bicycle racing
  90. Rock climbing
  91. Rowing
  92. Rugby football
  93. Rugby league
  94. Rugby Union
  95. Running
  96. Sailing
  97. Scuba diving
  98. Shooting sports
  99. Skateboarding
  100. Ski jumping
  101. Skittles
  102. Slalom canoeing
  103. Snooker
  104. Snowboarding
  105. Sport
  106. Sport in film
  107. Sports acrobatics
  108. Sports attendances
  109. Sports broadcasting
  110. Sports club
  111. Sports coaching
  112. Sports injuries
  113. Sports marketing
  114. Sprints
  115. Steeplechase
  116. Sumo
  117. Surfing
  118. Swimming
  119. Table football
  120. Table tennis
  121. Taekwondo
  122. Tai Chi Chuan
  123. Team handball
  124. Tennis
  125. Toboggan
  126. Track cycling
  127. Triathlon
  128. Triple jump
  129. Tug of war
  130. Underwater rugby
  131. Volleyball
  132. Water polo
  133. Water skiing
  134. Windsurfing


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Women's sports

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Women's sport(s) include all-female sports competitions and leagues. Women's level of play in all sports rose during the late 20th century, as women and girls were allowed and finally encouraged to devote themselves to training and practice. Title IX supported women athletes' efforts in the U.S. Women now achieve a high level of technical skill and competitiveness unknown to previous generations. More women athletes now have "a strong work ethic, motivation to train on their own, intensity, and a mentality that can focus on the game."[1]


Women have had to fight for the right to be athletic competitors in antiquity and modern times. In the Ancient Olympics, women were not originally allowed to compete or watch competitions. However, a separate women's athletic event, the Heraea Games, was eventually developed.

In western modern history, few women competed in sports until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; women athletes were frowned upon by society. That began to change in many countries, partly due to the women's rights movement. Women's participation, as fans or athletes, is still generally lower than men's. The reasons for this are not well-researched.

Some sports organizations make no division between gender. For example, high schools might have only one soccer team, and the few girls who are willing to play on a co-ed team often do so in spite of discouragement.

Even as women advance in sports, they are less likely to be represented if the sport is considered a "contact" game. For example, as of 2005, female boxers are still relatively uncommon, in contrast to female runners.


  • "Women in Sports" is a UK-based quarterly publication, with news, action pictures and articles for the "UK's elite sportswomen" and girls.
  • REAL SPORTS magazine is currently available online. It began publication in 1998, with a mission "to change mainstream media coverage of women's sports, with a particular focus on team sports at the professional, collegiate and national team levels." It grew from 50,000 copies per quarter to bi-monthly printing of over 150,000 copies per issue. The magazine cites the disappearance of seven women's professional leagues and lack of interest in "creating a market for women's sports" as reasons for moving to an online format available via membership. They're hopeful that they will one day re-launch the print version.
  • Her Sports is the self-proclaimed "magazine for strong, independent women who regard active sports as an important part of their life and self-image."
  • Women's Multisport Online™ is a magazine for women's multisport around the world.
  • Sports Illustrated Women (now defunct)
  • The Sporting Women's Quarterly is a sports lifestyle magazine featuring women's luxury sports.
  • womenSports magazine was the original in the category. Started in 1974 by Billie Jean King, Larry King and Jim Jorgensen, it was sold to Redbook in 1976 and eventually stopped publishing in 1984.


United States

Atlanta Polo Museum

Scheduled for opening in 2007. All items on exhibit until scheduled opening. See for more information.

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Women's boxing
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Women's football (soccer)
Women's football (soccer)
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Most of Wikipedia's articles about women golfers are in Category:LPGA Tour golfers, Category:Ladies European Tour golfers or Category:LPGA of Japan Tour golfers


Female Gymnastics
Female Gymnastics
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Field Hockey

Women's Field Hockey
Women's Field Hockey
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Ice hockey

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    • 2004 Women's World Ice Hockey Championships
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  • WMLB
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Women's lacrosse
Women's lacrosse
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      • Women's Lacrosse World Cup

Martial Arts

Women's Tennis
Women's Tennis
  • List of female mixed martial artists


  • U.S. Women's Polo Federation [1]

Roller Derby

  • Roller derby


  • Henley Women's Regatta
  • NCAA Rowing Championship


Women's Tennis
Women's Tennis
  • List of female tennis players


Women's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball
  • Volleyball at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Women's Beach Volleyball
  • Volleyball at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Women's Volleyball


See also

  • Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act (Title IX)
  • Women's Sports Foundation


  • Heraea Games
  • Physiological gender difference in sports
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