- Great Painters
- Accounting
- Fundamentals of Law
- Marketing
- Shorthand
- Concept Cars
- Videogames
- The World of Sports

- Blogs
- Free Software
- Google
- My Computer

- PHP Language and Applications
- Wikipedia
- Windows Vista

- Education
- Masterpieces of English Literature
- American English

- English Dictionaries
- The English Language

- Medical Emergencies
- The Theory of Memory
- The Beatles
- Dances
- Microphones
- Musical Notation
- Music Instruments
- Batteries
- Nanotechnology
- Cosmetics
- Diets
- Vegetarianism and Veganism
- Christmas Traditions
- Animals

- Fruits And Vegetables


  1. Action game
  2. Advergaming
  3. Arcade machine
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Atari Games
  6. Atari Lynx
  7. Audio game
  8. Board games
  9. Browser game
  10. Casual game
  11. Christian video games
  12. Comparison of handheld gaming consoles
  13. Computer and video games
  14. Computer animation
  15. Computer-assisted role-playing game
  16. Computer graphics
  17. Computer role-playing game
  18. Console game
  19. Dr. Mario
  20. Famicom
  21. First person shooter
  22. Game
  23. Game balance
  24. Game Boy
  25. Game Boy Advance
  26. Game Boy Color
  27. Game Boy line
  28. Game Boy Micro
  29. Game classification
  30. Game controller
  31. Game design
  32. Game designer
  33. Game developer
  34. Game Developer Magazine
  35. Game development
  36. Game development tool
  37. Game mechanic
  38. Gameplay
  39. Game programmer
  40. Game programming
  41. Gamer
  42. Game server browser
  43. Game studies
  44. Gaming convention
  45. Golden Age of Arcade Games
  46. Handheld game console
  47. History of computer and video games
  48. History of video game consoles
  49. History of video games
  50. Hotseat
  51. Internet gaming
  52. Joystick
  53. LAN gaming center
  54. List of books about computer and video games
  55. List of commercial failures in computer and video gaming
  56. List of gaming topics
  57. Mobile game
  58. Multiplayer game
  59. N-Gage
  60. Nintendo 64
  61. Nintendo DS
  62. Nintendo GameCube
  63. Personal computer game
  64. Pinball
  65. Play-by-mail game
  66. Play-by-post game
  67. PlayStation 3
  68. PlayStation Portable
  69. Pong
  70. Programming game
  71. Puzzle computer game
  72. Real-time strategy
  73. Sega Dreamcast
  74. Sega Saturn
  75. Serious game
  76. Simulation game
  77. Single player
  78. Sony PlayStation
  79. Stealth-based game
  80. Strategy game
  81. Strategy guide
  82. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  83. Synthespian
  84. Tabletop role-playing game
  85. Teamspeak
  86. Tetris
  87. Tokyo Game Show
  88. Video game center
  89. Video game console
  90. Video game crash of 1983
  91. Video game industry
  92. Video game publisher
  93. Wargame
  94. Wii
  95. Xbox 360


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List of books about computer and video games

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The following is a list of books on computer and video games, which range from development, theory, history, to art books. See also: List of books based on computer and video games.

Design and theory

The Book of Games, Volume 1
(ISBN 82-997378-0-X) by Bendik Stang, Jørgen Kirksæther', Eric Segalstad, Joey Lesh, Eric Hoftun, Hans Christian Bjørne and Morten Østerholt, . This book is the first in the The Book of Games series by gameXplore.
21st Century Game Design
(ISBN 1-58450-429-3) by Chris Bateman and Richard Boon. This book is part of the Game Development Series.
Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design
(ISBN 1-59273-001-9) by Andrew Rollings, Ernest Adams.
The Art of Computer Game Design
(ISBN 0-88134-117-7) by Chris Crawford is attributed by Wolf & Perron in The Video Game Theory Reader as being the first book devoted to the theory of video games. It was originally published in Berkeley, California by McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media in 1984. The original edition is now out-of-print but available for free download from a site maintained by Washington State University, Vancouver.
Character Development and Storytelling for Games
(ISBN 1-59200-353-2) by Lee Sheldon. This book is part of the Game Development Series.
Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling
(ISBN 0-321-27890-9) by Chris Crawford.
Computer Game Design: Theory and Practice
(ISBN 1-55622-912-7) by Richard Rouse III.
Creating Emotion in Games: The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
(ISBN 1-59273-007-8) by David Freeman.
Designing Virtual Worlds
(ISBN 0-13-101816-7) by Richard Bartle.
Developing Online Games: An Insider's Guide
(ISBN 1-59273-000-0) by Jessica Mulligan, Bridgette Patrovsky.
Digital Gameplay: Essays on the Nexus of Game and Gamer
(ISBN 0-7864-2292-0) edited by Nate Garrelts.
Game Architecture and Design: A New Edition
(ISBN 0-7357-1363-4) by Andrew Rollings, Dave Morris.
Game Design: The Art and Business of Creating Games
(ISBN 0-7615-3165-3) Bob Bates.
Game Interface Design
(ISBN 1-59200-593-4) by Brent Fox.
Game Work: Language, Power, and Computer Game Culture
(ISBN 0-8173-1418-0) by Ken S. McAllister.
Gamer Theory
(ISBN 0-67402-519-9) by McKenzie Wark. Book website.
Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds
(ISBN 0-262-10110-6) by Jesper Juul. Book website.
Inside Electronic Game Design
(ISBN 1-55958-669-9) by Arnie Katz
Introduction to Game Development
(ISBN 1-58450-377-7) by Steve Rabin. This book is part of the Game Development Series.
More Than A Game: The Computer Game as Fictional Form
(ISBN 0-7190-6365-5) by Barry Atkins
Patterns in Game Design
(ISBN 1-58450-354-8) by Staffan Bjork and Jussi Holopainen. This book is part of the Game Development Series.
Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online Game Culture
(ISBN 0-262-20163-1) by T.L. Taylor.
Playing to Win
by David Sirlin
Rules of Play : Game Design Fundamentals
(ISBN 0-262-24045-9) by Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman.
Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games
(ISBN 0-226-09626-2) by Edward Castranova.
The Business and Culture of Digital Games: Gamework and Gameplay
(ISBN 1-4129-0047-6) by Aphra Kerr.
Theory of Fun for Game Design
(ISBN 1-932111-97-2) by Raph Koster.
Trigger Happy
(ISBN 1-55970-598-1/ISBN 1-84115-121-1) by Steven Poole examines videogames in terms of their aesthetic appeal — what makes certain games more fun to play than others. It covers aspects such as the effective use of space and perspective in videogames, rewards and progression through games, the design of an appealing video game character and the debate over violence in games.

The following are taken from Recommended Reading lists in the Centennial College Seminar Series: The Video Game Industry Lecture Series handouts (2005).

Creating the Art of the Game
by Matthew Omernick. “A great reference to great modelling and texturing techniques.”
Animating Real-Time Game Characters (Game Development Series)
by Paul Steed. “Tips and tricks on game animation from the professionals in the industry, especially for the 3D Max [sic] artist.”
Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniques
by Chad Walker and Eric Walker. “…For the beginner. Learn to design, sketch and model for low-polygon content.”
Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds
by Tom Meigs. “An insider[’]s perspective on advanced techniques for creatiing [sic] compelling characters and vivid environments. Good reference for artists using Maya.”
Character Development and Storytelling for Games (Game Development Series)
by Lee Sheldon. “An excellent writers[’] aid in creating content and writing for characters in a game setting.”
Gaming 101: A Contemporary History of PC and Video Games
by George Jones.
Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984
by Van Burnham.

Gaming Compendiums

The Video Games Guide
(ISBN 075226258) is a book by Matt Fox first published in October 2006 by Boxtree Pan Macmillan. The Video Games Guide is similar in format to a traditional film guide with A to Z reviews of over 1000 video games. Accompanying each review are: the year of release, the system first released on, the developer and publisher, information on sequels and conversions, and a rating between one and five stars. Each ‘classic’ game that receives five stars has a colour screenshot in a glossy section in the Guide’s centre, and these screenshots are arranged by date - providing a visual timeline of game graphics.


the Book of Games
(ISBN 13 978-82-997378-0-7/ISBN 10 82-997378-0-X)


The first quarter: A 25-year history of video games
(ISBN 0-9704755-0-0) by Steven L. Kent
From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games
(ISBN 1-56025-681-8) by Ed Halter
Game Over: the maturing of mario
(ISBN 0-9669617-0-6) by David Sheff
High Score!: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games
is a book published in April 2002 by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. It was written by Rusel Demaria and Johnny Lee Wilson. The book also has a second edition, published in December 2003 , which features a brief history on Japanese and English video game companies. It details the history of video games, beginning with a page about the earliest computer processors to the current days, this book goes into detail about what was happening to companies like Atari back before, during, and after the Video Game Crash of 1983-1984.
Joystick Nation
(ISBN 0-316-36007-4) by J.C. Herz
Masters of Doom
(ISBN 0-375-50524-5) by David Kushner
My Tiny Life
(ISBN 0-8050-3626-1) by Julian Dibbell. A narrative history of LambdaMOO.
Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft's Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution : by Dean Takahashi
Phoenix, The Fall and Rise of Videogames
(ISBN 0-9643848-5-X) Leonard Herman (2001)
Play Between Worlds: Exploring Online Game Culture
(ISBN 0-262-20163-1) TL Taylor (2006)
SMARTBOMB: The Quest for Art, Entertainment, and Big Bucks in the Videogame Revolution: (ISBN 1-56512-346-8)by Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby.
The Video Game Theory Reader
(ISBN 0-415-96579-9) edited by Mark J.P. Wolf and Bernard Perron.
Videogames in the Beginning
(ISBN 0-9643848-1-7) by Ralph Baer
The Ultimate History of Video Games
(ISBN 0-7615-3643-4) by Steven L. Kent
Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life
(ISBN 0-7440-0424-1) by Chris Kohler.

Artwork collections and "making of" books

1000 Game Heroes
(ISBN 3-8228-1633-7) by David Choquet
The Art of Game Worlds
(ISBN 1-904705-34-0) by Dave Morris and Leo Hartas
Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar
(ISBN 0-7615-4364-3) by David Hodgson
Sega Video Game Illustrations
Japanese and English language book featuring artwork from early-1990s Sega Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear titles.
The Making of Doom 3

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