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Christian video games

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Christian video games refer to Christian-themed computer and video games. The first Christian video games were made in the late 1980s for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by Wisdom Tree and now are made by many different developers. Most of these developers meet yearly at the "Christian Games Developers Conference" and build support through the "Christian Games Developers Foundation".


Starting in the late 1980's the unlicensed game developer Color Dreams using the name of Wisdom Tree, developed the first Christian video game for the NES, called Bible Adventures which featured Bible accounts such as Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath.

Other Christian games released for the NES by Wisdom Tree include Exodus, King of Kings, Bible Buffet, and Spiritual Warfare. Many of these games were also released on the Sega Genesis or Game Boy systems.

The only Christian game released for the SNES is the game Super Noah's Ark 3D, which is based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine and featured the player trying to calm animals on his ark by pelting them with sleep-inducing fruit.

During the 2000's, Christian games re-emerged onto the scene. Heaven Bound is a Christian-themed game that was released on the PC. Catechumen and Ominous Horizons, Christian First Person Shooters, were released and sold over 500,000 copies together.

Inkvisitor is a Christian-themed PC game that takes the player through the chaotic times of Inquisition.

Crave Entertainment released the first games based on the Bible for Playstation 2, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance, The Bible Game. They have also recently released the first Veggietales video games for the Playstation 2 and Game Boy Advance.

Breakthrough Gaming is also one of the only Christian video game companies that have released multiple games using original characters, such as ZJ the Ball, Zippy the Circle, Forgiveness: The First Chapter, and Nik & Kit.

Many Christian game developers have come together to form the Association Of Christian Entertainment.


  • Bible Adventures is the first Christian-themed video game.
  • Super Noah's Ark 3D is the first Christian First-Person Shooter.
  • Left Behind: Eternal Forces is the first Christian Real-Time Strategy Game.
  • Forgiveness: The First Chapter is the first Christian Turn-Based RPG.
  • Dance Praise is the first Christian rhythm game.
  • Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Axel is the first Christian game to use a dance pad as a controller, but it isn't a rhythm game.
  • Exodus is the first Christian puzzle game.
  • The Bible Game is the first Christian Playstation 2 Game & the first Christian XBOX game.


  • 3rd Day Studios
  • Barbor Software
  • Big Idea Games
  • Boanerges Studios
  • Breakthrough Gaming
  • Brethren Entertainment
  • Cactus Game Design
  • Covenant Studios Inc.
  • Cloud 9 Games
  • Crave Entertainment
  • Cruciform Studios
  • Digital Praise Games
  • Full Armor Studios
  • Graceworks Interactive
  • Inspired Idea
  • Left Behind Games
  • Marty Bee
  • N'Lightning Software
  • Rebel Planet Creations
  • Remnant Entertainment
  • Sabbath Software
  • Third Day Games
  • Top Meadow Games
  • Virtue Games
  • West Coast Entertainment
  • White Knight Games
  • Wisdom Tree
  • XrucifiX


  • Adventures in Odyssey: The Great Escape
  • Adventures in Odyssey: The Sword of the Spirit
  • Adventures in Odyssey: Treasure of the Incas
  • The Bibleman Video Game Adventure
  • The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker Battle Against the Lies
  • Bible Adventures
  • Bible Buffet
  • Bible Champions Volume I
  • Bible Champions Volume II
  • Bible Dave
  • Bible Grand Slam Deluxe
  • Bible Touchdown
  • Bible Wonders
  • Breakthrough Gaming Bounce
  • Breakthrough Gaming Match
  • Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Axel
  • Breakthrough Gaming Presents: Tina's Pinball Game
  • Bongo Loves the Bible
  • Buzby Breakin' All the Rules
  • Camping The Bug-A-Boo Way
  • Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness
  • Captain Saint
  • Catechumen
  • Charlie Church Mouse: Bible Adventures Early Elementary
  • Charlie Church Mouse: Bible Adventures Preschool
  • Dance Praise
  • Deliverance: Moses in the Pharaoh's Courts
  • Eternal War: Shadows of Light
  • Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land
  • Flo Return of the Water Beetles
  • Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventure
  • Forgiveness: The First Chapter
  • Galilee Flyer
  • Gil's Bible Jumble
  • Godspeed 3D
  • Heaven Bound
  • Heaven Quest
  • Inkvisitor
  • Interactive Parables
  • Isles of Derek: The Sequel to Nacah
  • Jonah - A VeggieTales Game
  • Joshua & the Battle of Jericho (Joshua and the Battle of Jericho)
  • King James Bible (KJV Bible)
  • King of Kings
  • Light Rangers: Mending the Maniac Madness
  • Minnesota Cuke and the Coconut Apes
  • Music Machine
  • Noah's Ark
  • Nik & Kit
  • Ominous Horizons: A Paladin's Calling
  • Onesimus; A Quest for Freedom [1] (a total conversion game from Jill of the Jungle 3)
  • The Mystery of Veggie Island
  • The Rebel Planet
  • Rev 7 (Revelation 7)
  • Scripture Solitaire
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Solomon Says
  • Sunday Funday (conversion of the game Menace Beach)
  • Super 3D Noah's Ark (a total conversion game from the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D)
  • The Bible Game
  • Timothy & Titus: Saints, Martyrs, Heroes
  • Truthware
  • Veggie Carnival
  • VeggieTales Creativity City
  • VeggieTales: Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Victory at Hebron
  • Zippy the Circle
  • ZJ the Ball

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