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  1. Acoustics
  2. AKG Acoustics
  3. Audio feedback
  4. Audio level compression
  5. Audio quality measurement
  6. Audio-Technica
  7. Balanced audio connector
  8. Beyerdynamic
  9. Blumlein Pair
  10. Capacitor
  11. Carbon microphone
  12. Clipping
  13. Contact microphone
  14. Crosstalk measurement
  15. DB
  16. Decibel
  17. Directional microphone
  18. Dynamic range
  19. Earthworks
  20. Electret microphone
  21. Electrical impedance
  22. Electro-Voice
  23. Equal-loudness contour
  24. Frequency response
  25. Georg Neumann
  26. Harmonic distortion
  27. Headroom
  28. ITU-R 468 noise weighting
  29. Jecklin Disk
  30. Laser microphone
  31. Lavalier microphone
  32. Loudspeaker
  33. M-Audio
  34. Microphone
  35. Microphone array
  36. Microphone practice
  37. Microphone stand
  38. Microphonics
  39. Nevaton
  40. Noise
  41. Noise health effects
  42. Nominal impedance
  43. NOS stereo technique
  44. ORTF stereo technique
  45. Parabolic microphone
  46. Peak signal-to-noise ratio
  47. Phantom power
  48. Pop filter
  49. Positive feedback
  50. Rode
  51. Ribbon microphone
  52. Schoeps
  53. Sennheiser
  54. Shock mount
  55. Shure
  56. Shure SM58
  57. Signal-to-noise ratio
  58. Soundfield microphone
  59. Sound level meter
  60. Sound pressure
  61. Sound pressure level
  62. Total harmonic distortion
  63. U 47
  64. Wireless microphone
  65. XLR connector



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Nevaton is a Russian manufacturer of microphones. The roots of Nevaton go back to the year 1947 when an acoustic laboratory was established at the Leningrad optical and mechanical association (LOMO). Some years later, 1954, the laboratory joined the newly formed scientific and industrial association named EKRAN.

Until 1987 this laboratory made research and designed legendary microphones like the LOMO 19A19 which is today one of the most wanted valve mics from the former USSR. In the year 1991 a new company emerged out of these structures - Nevaton LTD enterprise The company was found by LOMO engineers as a new and independent microphone manufacturer and research laboratory for high-end audio transmitter.

Today the Nevaton homebase in St. Petersburg features a top of the range acoustic laboratory, including one of Europe's biggest anechoic chambers as well as a small specialized factory where each microphone is hand assembled and individually tuned by highly skilled engineers and craftsman. On average only 15 units leave the factory each month.

Nevaton is producing all parts for their microphones themselves, from gold-sputtered diaphragms to brass housings, to guarantee the highest possible quality.

Most of them are already pre-ordered, as Nevaton is supplying their microphones mainly for the domestic market. The famous filmstudios of Lenfilm, Mosfilm, theatres and opera houses like the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow New Opera, TV and radio stations are Nevaton's regular customers as well as major sound-production studios.

Through extensive quality management during the last years Nevaton could reach and keep a very high manufacturing standard. Nevaton microphones are tuned and measured with Brel & Kjr equipment and are run through several testing routines before they are delivered to the customers.

Nevaton's product catalogue includes stereo microphones, small diaphragm condenser mics, middle and large diaphragm condensers, tube microphones, boundary layer- and shotgun microphones and high quality miniature microphones.

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  • Website of Nevaton/Europe
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